Commercial Flooring in Bournemouth

Commercial Carpets Supplied And Fitted

We supply a large range of different types of flooring and finishes from all leading UK and European manufactures along with our own highly competitive ranges. Whether it’s the first thing a visitor sees when they walk into your premises, or a floor that your staff see daily, it conveys a message about your organisation. If you want to say ‘modern, smart and trendy’ or ‘steady, reliable and traditional’ your choice of flooring will say it for you. High quality flooring in carpet, vinyl or wood floor, is definitely worth the investment – it looks good, and it lasts. You will find it easy to look after and it won’t need replacing quickly. Our other flooring products include carpet tiles and natural carpets, cushion vinyl, laminates, entrance matting and safety flooring.

What We Offer

Safety Flooring

When you need an anti-slip surface, safety flooring is the obvious choice. If health and safety, or special hygiene needs are an issue, there’s a large range of non-slip floor coverings for you to choose from that offer the best in anti-slip properties. All are hard wearing, easy to clean and available in a wide range of colours and finishes.
Most sheet materials can be used for wet areas such as showers, toilets, and commercial kitchens. Special installation techniques and heat seamed joints will ensure that you can safely stop worrying about these problem areas.

Carpet Tiles

When it comes to commercial flooring, carpet tiles are often one of the most popular options, and for good reason. At Cutwise Flooring we offer high-quality, anti-microbial carpet tiles allowing you to ensure your workplace looks as professional possible. The square modular design makes them perfect for offices as well as various other commercial areas.

Ensure your commercial property has high-quality flooring by getting in touch with Cutwise Flooring today. We provide excellent commercial flooring to every one of our commercial projects. Get in touch with us today on 01202 524052